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Claudia Haider


Each event, conference or meeting is unique. Your international speaker bureau experts4events consults individually and independently which speaker, athlete, celebrity or politician is the perfect match for your event. Tailored to your goals, theme and budget. The ideal speaker boosts the message a company wants to deliver through the event, so let us be your partner in making your event unforgettable and profitable. Check out our speaker data base with experts from around the world and contact us to get a detailed offer including fee and availability. For all German profiles use the German website.


Since 1992 experts4events has specialized in the speaking and training business. Claudia and Siegfried Haider are the initiators and founders of the German Speakers Association, the second largest speaker association in the world after the National Speakers Association in the U.S.. Connected with 12 other speaker associations around the globe experts4events offers an extensive overview of top international speakers. We have seen hundreds of international speakers live and know of their competence, eloquence, impact and accent. Just ask us!


Get us involved in your conference or event planning as early as possible! Which topics are trending at the moment? Which outstanding speaker is in high demand right now? And where are the Hidden Champions nobody knows yet? We can create theme, arc of suspense and speaker selection with you. Whether a keynote, training, MC, dinner talk, fireside chat or panel discussions, we will provide you with the perfect expert! Each event should be a balanced mixture of content, humour, motivation and inspiration. We will help you to thrill your audience!

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