Lou Heckler, USA: "Finding Your True Voice" am 17./18.9. in München

23.06.2016 16:29 von Claudia Haider

---   Only 1 seat left!!!   ---

One weekend for your successful speaker performance in English – with lots of content affecting your national speaking business as well!

One weekend with one of the best U.S. speaker coaches: Lou has coached hundreds of speakers who have become most successful and famous!

Decades of experience at your fingertips:

1. Finding your true voice – from the international point of view (This is what builds and sustains your career): Checking and improving your story and positioning for the international speaker market.

2. Creating a powerful story in English (This is the main content that is remembered):
What are the moments, not monuments? Can you find the “invisible glass”? What one phrase or sentence says it all? Can you climb on the ceiling or lie on the floor?  (Viewpoint) How about what Meryl Street said?  (“That’s me!”)

3. Bringing the audience on stage (They want to be there!):
How about using some involving phrases? Do you ever use them as props? Have you mastered the power of the…pause? Can you try echo gestures and call-backs? How skilled are you in voice and microphone techniques?

4. Borrowing from other artists (It made them memorable, didn’t it?):
Have you thought about stage placement? Have you given this moment your full commitment? Are you willing to commit to the 30/12 rule? Golfers take notes in each round…do you? Do you have one “big number” per segment?  (Broadway shows do)

It’s all about your speech and performance on the fundament of your positioning!

Der Experte:
Lou Heckler has spent more than half of his life as a professional speaker, though he’s actually made a living from the written and spoken word since he was 14! Lou Heckler, Certified Speaking Professional and Member US Speaker Hall of Fame, divides his professional time between delivering keynote addresses on leadership and peak performance for dozens of corporate and association clients… and coaching other professional speakers in speech organization and delivery techniques. He has been a corporate trainer, a major US university adjunct professor, and has appeared on both regional and national television in America. Lou’s sessions are filled with lots of practical ideas and techniques and are always as much fun as they are useful.

Termin, Zeit, Ort:
Samstag und Sonntag, 17. und 18.09.2016, jeweils 09.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr im Schlosshotel Hohenkammer bei München

Ihre Investition:
1.470,00 Euro netto zzgl. gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer, fällig 50 % bei Anmeldung und 50 % zwei Wochen vor dem Training.
Im Preis enthalten: Das interaktive Intensiv-Retreat mit Lou Heckler, Organisation, Raum, Tagungsgetränke, Kaffeepausen und Mittagessen mit alkoholfreien Getränken.

Maximal 10 Teilnehmer (Speaker)! Gute Englisch-Kenntnisse werden vorausgesetzt! Die bisherigen Anmeldungen versprechen eine hochkarätige Teilnehmergruppe!

Jetzt HIER anmelden und den letzten Platz sichern!


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